Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What a great show...they LOVED it!

Rylie with her new horse!

The ice!
With our cousins!

My favorite color!
Aunt Becky and Av!

Cousin Jennifer and K!
Just us!

K and Grandma! BIG hug!

Grandma and Rylie!

G & Av!

Jordan and K!

Aunt Piggy, Carol, Grandma, and Jennifer!
Aunt Becky reading to the girls!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jun...July...Aug...Boy It's Been AWHILE!

Av relaxin' with Daddy!
If I have a can guarantee that Rylie is actually doing the drinking! Silly girl!
Rylie and Grandma!

Avery and Rynnie with Grandma!

The crew after Rynnie got her ears pierced!

She needed a lil' boost! She got the special cookie!
This was so hard to do! She was so excited (even after Avery decided to wait until another time, aka "chickened out"), but once she got one of them done...she was DONE! She was ready to leave with one ear pierced! I had to hold her head the girl could do the other ear...and she screamed so loud!!!! I'm sure peopel could hear outside the store as they were walking by! I felt wasn't like a shot at the doctor's office where you feel this is what is best for you! It was just something we wanted to do! It wasn't a NECESSARY thing!!
My poor baby! When she tells the story now...and people ask her if it hurt she says, "It just hurt a wittle bit"!
Ready to go!
So pumped!!!
This is where Avery opted out!

Starting to look a lil' skeptical!
She is ready here...with the little dots drawn on her ears and all!

Eating lunch in the Woodlands with Mimi and Pop!

We're all tryin' out Pop's shake!
Avery getting her hair cut!
Rynnie after her cut...she had lots of sparkles, but they're hard to see!

Our 1st trip to Lake Charles to visit Aunt Becky, Uncle Stan, Abby and Jordan!

Playin' with Aunt Becky!

Jumpy place with Grammy and Ms. Nancy!
Mimi's birthday!
Avery and Lana!
The Queen on the potty! Rylie and Daddy at her 1st Astros game!
Mommy and Rylie!

July 4th!

Swim lessons with Ms. Maggie! The girls loved her and did so well!